Preparing for a Rejuvenation Procedure

Most topical rejuvenation procedures, whether a laser treatment, chemical peel or dermabrasion, produce a controlled injury to the skin. It is through the body’s natural healing process that new, rejuvenated skin is revealed, showing the results of the procedure. Healthy skin heals more quickly. Therefore, it is important to follow your skincare professional’s instructions to optimize your skin’s health when preparing it for the procedure. Research your procedure. Ask questions to better understand how to prepare for the procedure, to set your expectations for the procedure itself and to understand recovery time after the procedure. 
Take special note of products your skincare professional specifically recommends you use in preparation. You will want to ensure you are following a skincare regimen at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure to optimize the health of your skin. Additionally, you will want to know if you should use a skin-brightening product. You can reduce your risk of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) after IPL, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels by using a skin-brightening product.