You look in the mirror and you cannot help but notice a problem. Wrinkles. Bet you didn't know that most wrinkles start as early as 20. As much as we hate them, they are a natural occurrence. Fine lines and wrinkles also show earlier or deeper in those who are expressive. 

What do you do? Stop smiling and laughing? That's not possible. While age, genetics, and the environment are against us when we see problems like laughing laughs, there's still something we can do. 

Keep reading to find ways to reduce and improve the look of your laugh lines. 


Light Therapy

A somewhat new technology people can use to fight wrinkles is red light therapy. The science behind it is simple. The light waves from light therapy reach deeper into the skin.

The wavelengths are gentle enough to not affect the surrounding skin. Light therapy focuses on those pesky wrinkles as well as other things like scars and various skin conditions. 

Red infrared light falls into the "therapeutic window." It can help the body reduce stress on the skin which inflames the cells that cause them to weaken. 


Injectable Fillers

Most people who are tired of looking at their wrinkles and laugh lines often consider getting fillers. Fillers are a top choice for those wanting to get rid of laugh lines. Several brands make fillers from hyaluronic acid or other substances that help fill in creases around the nose and mouth. 

The main benefit is that you can see results within seconds. You can also reverse the filler in the event you decide you do not like the outcome. Fillers are not an indefinite solution and require maintenance at least every few months. 



Botox is similar to fillers in the sense they are also injectables, but their mechanisms for wrinkles are different. Botox works by weakening the surrounding areas around the face like the mouth. The relaxation will make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. 

Botox isn't the best option for treating smile lines. It's most effective for wrinkles around the eyes or forehead. 



Laser treatments are another effective choice. It is a type of treatment that works by resurfacing the skin by removing the topmost layer. Other lasers may be able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin to make resurfacing even more effective. 

Removing dead, damaged layers of the skin helps push up new layers to the surface. Lasers can cause swelling and pain that may last a few days, even with numbing cream.

As technology advances, lasers are safe for all skin types, including dark skin. The average recovery time is 1-3 weeks. Like botox, you need regular treatments a few months apart to maintain the results. 


Facial Massages

An excellent holistic option you can use to help smooth out smile lines and help prevent new lines from appearing is facial massages. Adding this into your routine can help keep your overall skin firm.

Consistent facial massaging allows your muscles and skin to stay attached to each other and remain taut. When you do facial massages you need to ensure you keep the skin upward.

Dragging the skin downward has the opposite effect and promotes wrinkles. Although you can complete facial massages with dry skin, it's a better idea to start with damp skin by applying products or oil. 


Anti-aging Skin Products

Implementing a good wrinkle skincare with quality products is one of the best ways to fade smile lines at an effective price. Anti-aging skin products are incredible because they provide the skin with products that help repair damaged skin at a cellular level. 

Effective acids you can apply on your face are lactic acid, mandelic acid, and vitamin C. You also want to pair hyaluronic acid with an excellent moisturizer. Incorporating peptides and omega's like lanolin into your skincare is a must. They keep the barrier of your skin strong and help retain moisture. 

When starting an anti-aging routine, you want to split products that you apply during the day and those you apply at night. In the mornings, you should always add SPF (even when it is cloudy). SPF prevents the excessive breakdown of collagen. 


Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, is one thing you can consider to fight those smile lines and wrinkles. The reason wrinkles appear is because we lose collagen as we get older.

Collagen helps keep our skin supple and microneedling can help the body create more collagen. The increase in collagen fills in the wrinkles. It takes time to build collagen, so the improvement of smile lines is gradual.

It can take up to 6-9 months to see the full results. Although you can complete collagen induction therapy at home, it's best to do the treatment at an office. You are more likely to irritate and scar your skin on your own. 



Getting surgery may be the last choice for people to consider as it is the most invasive. However, when surgery is done right, it provides the best results that are long-lasting. 

Getting a facelift can successfully treat smile lines as a permanent solution. It's crucial to weigh out the pros and cons as well as the risks that come with getting a left lift before going through with it.

Infection is a potential side effect including pain, scarring, and nerve damage. Picking the right surgeon and understanding the cost are also factors to keep in mind.  


It’s More Than Possible to Diminish Laugh Lines

Laughing lines are the last thing anyone wants to smile about. Seeing them when you smile is one thing. However, seeing them even with a still face can make you feel self-conscious. Smile lines may be inevitable, but there's plenty you can do to improve how it looks. 

Facial massages help. Purchasing quality anti-aging skin care products and using them routinely also helps.  

Pairing the two makes an amazing routine, especially for those who want to avoid undergoing surgery. Shop on our website to get products that work to ensure your skin has a chance against smile lines and other wrinkles.