Did you know that 20% of Americans will deal with skin cancer at some point in their lifetime? That means that one in every five Americans is at risk.

Sunscreen can help to eliminate the risks that come with exposure to UV rays. The benefits of sunscreen are far-reaching and incorporate protections against cancer, sunburn, signs of aging, and more.

Use this guide to learn about the many benefits of wearing sunscreen every day.


1. Prevent Painful Sunburn

Sunburns caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays can be painful and itchy. These can last days and interfere with your comfort and daily activities. What is the solution though, to completely avoid sunlight?

You shouldn't have to hide from the sun just to avoid sunburn. Exposure to natural sunlight is scientifically proven to be good for your health, so how do you reap this benefit without getting a sunburn?

If you hope to soak up the rays without the painful symptoms of sunburns, utilize sunscreen. Its protective properties can seal your skin's moisture in and keep the harmful UV rays out.


2. Stave Off Skin Cancer

Skin cancer, or melanoma, is wildly common because of how easy it is to get sun overexposure. That's why it is so important to utilize sunscreen to avoid these cancerous growths.

While this cancer is common, it is no less harmful. Melanoma can be incredibly aggressive for younger women.

Applying sunscreen can give the skin an extra layer of protection against ultraviolet rays. This means sunscreen users are at less risk of skin cancer for the same duration of sun exposure.


3. Promote More Youthful Skin

What causes your skin to lose its youthful glimmer? The magic of youthful skin isn't in age but in collagen and elasticity. With the right skincare routine emphasizing the importance of sunscreen, people at any age can have youthful, healthy skin.

Overexposure to sun without the right moisturizing and protecting sunscreen formula can lead to signs of aging like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Sunspots or age spots
  • Dried out skin

With sunscreen though, the skin can more easily retain moisture, collagen, and elasticity, therefore keeping a more youthful appearance.


4. Protect Your Blood Vessels

Did you know that UV rays can affect more than just the surface of your skin? That's right, the sun is more than skin deep. That's why it is so important to utilize the protective properties of sunscreen for the health of your skin and blood vessels.

Did you know that a condition called telangiectasis can cause thinning in the walls of your blood vessels purely from exposure to the sun? This can lead to what looks like bruising and bleeding under the skin. Use sunscreen's restorative properties to prevent and reduce instances of telangiectasis.


5. Increase Moisture and Overall Health

The overall health of your skin benefits from sunscreen along with the cosmetic appearance.

Your skin serves an essential function as one of your body's larger organs. It contains proteins and components that sunscreen protects from ultraviolet rays. These proteins, like keratin, help to maintain the healthiest possible skin.


How to Choose a Sunscreen

There are many factors that go into choosing the right sunscreen. You have to make sure that it matches the elements as well as your skin type.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Each sunscreen will indicate how much protection it grants the user, in the form of an SPF. Be sure to choose a higher SPF for higher levels of protection, and a lower SPF for instances when you won't need as much protection.

Skin Type

Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Cater your sunscreen to your skin type profile to heal and protect your skin.


When Is Sunscreen Necessary?

Did you know that elements like snow can increase your likelihood of getting a sunburn? It is important to be able to recognize the factors that put your skin at risk so that you can always wear sunscreen and be prepared.

Use this section to understand a bit more about the circumstances when sunscreen is necessary.

Sunscreen for Snow

As the sun reflects off of the white snow and back onto your face, you get dual exposure to the UV rays. For this reason, be sure to suit up with some high-SPF moisturizing sunscreen for this type of weather.

Sunscreen for Everyday Use

There are great moisturizers and serums on the market that provide powerful sun protection on a daily basis. These facial salves are easily applied and provide sturdy protection throughout the day.

Sunscreen for High Elevation

At higher elevations, you are at a higher risk of UV exposure. That's why wearing sunscreen is essential when you are hiking, skiing, or otherwise spending time outdoors in high altitudes.

Sunscreen for Indoors

If you spend time in front of sunny windows, or within a screened-in porch, you may want to invest in a low-SPF sunscreen for daily use. It can provide light protection without sitting heavily or sticky on your skin.


The Endless Benefits of Sunscreen

If you've ever gotten a painful sunburn, you know there are benefits to be found in sunscreen products. There are more benefits though than meets the eye at first glance.

Protect your skin for a radiant glow that outshines the combative UV rays. Reduce your risk of skin cancer and sunburn while you're at it. Sunscreen offers the opportunity to help your skin stay its best.

Browse our supply of luxury sun protection products today for youthful, healthy skin.